FE375: Is This It? Match To Sample

Instructor: Heather Lawson

Course Details

Can your dog pick out the identical matching item you're holding? Ever wondered just how far can you go in stretching your dog’s cognitive abilities? In this class, we teach your dog the concept of "matching to sample" (various items) using the single cue: "Match It". Your dog will learn to pick out the identical corresponding item you are holding from a group of both familiar and novel (unfamiliar) items.  This is one of the must-have foundation concepts that is used in training other broader concepts such as Modifier Cues, Adduction, Mimicry AND even Counting brought to the attention of the general training community by individuals such as Claudia Fugazza and Ken Ramirez

The ADDED BONUS of Match To Sample is many of the skills learned in this class are easy carry-over skills for other dog sports such as Obedience, Nose Work, and TEAM Titles.