FE385: The Science of Training: Think, Plan, Do!

Instructor: Amy Cook

Course Details

Sport behaviors are too important for you to not have a precise plan for teaching them! While we can certainly "wing it" sometimes in life and with some behaviors, if you want precision and clear understanding in your dog, you have to get specific and... scientific!  In this course, inspired by Amy's time at Bob Bailey's famous chicken camps, you'll learn how to tighten up your technique in shaping behaviors, to make plans that will work and not send you into the weeds, and to assess whether your plan was a good one as you review your training videos carefully!  You'll learn to observe your dog more closely, to know exactly when you need to click to catch that exact behavior (and when not to!), and you'll consciously create CERs (Conditioned Emotional Responses) in your dog so that you get the emotion you want. In Bob's words, you will learn to "think, then you will plan, and then you will do!"  

This is a companion class to Denise Fenzi's "The Art of Training: Developing Confidence and Flow" that will run in next term, and they are designed to run sequentially.  It is not required that you take them both, but in my class you'll learn to think carefully through what you're doing and behave precisely according to the best scientific principles, embracing all those little details that help us communicate exactly what we mean to, and in her class you'll learn how to expand past that, finding your flow and knowing what to leave behind as you engage in your partnership with your dog!