FE525: Managing Multi-Dog Mayhem

Instructor: Loretta Mueller

Course Details

Multiple dogs can create some interesting training challenges! This class is designed to give you the tools to make a multi dog household a peaceful and productive place. In this class, we will cover group mentality, assessing and picking the right dogs to work with depending on the situation, how to spot issues before they become a problem and how to layer challenges (adding dogs, working in more distracting environments etc).

Also covered:

Different games used to teach dogs to "wait their turn".
How to properly introduce new members of the group.
Group Management (how and when).
NOTE: This class will NOT cover aggression cases, or resource guarding. This class is to PREVENT these issues.

The goal with this class is for you to have a plan to make your multi-dog household peaceful and controlled, while still having a ton of fun!