AG140: Building and Maintaining A Start Line

Instructor: Nancy Gagliardi Little

Course Details

Many dogs will start out their agility career with a good start line. But, over time that start line behavior starts to deteriorate. Why do good start lines break down for some dogs? Why is it that some dogs have great start lines and other dogs struggle when it appears to be the same handling? 

In this class, you will build a start line behavior from the ground up and then add handling that is essential in maintaining that behavior throughout your dog's agility career. Agility people focus a lot on training and handling once the dog leaves the start line. But not many people understand the importance of the training and handling involved before the dog leaves the start line. That's what this class will focus on. 

This class is perfect for young dogs that have not started trialing. It will also be helpful for dogs that have start line issues at the trials.  It is strongly suggested you refrain from trialing your dog while you work through this class.

This class is NOT intended to address over-arousal issues or fear issues.