NW315: Who let the dogs in: Incredible Interiors and Confident Containers

Instructor: Julie Symons

Course Details

This course will focus on skills and strategies for succeeding at interior and containers searches in all venues. Wouldn't we all love to be more confident with containers and be incredible with our interior searches? 

I personally love interiors, and like most, enter container searches with some trepidation! I want to turn Interiors into your favorite element and build more confidence on container searches.

We will cover what to embrace and how to approach/conquer some of the bugaboos with each element. We will dissect the mystery of why containers are often so difficult and how to handle different search scenarios.

We will also cover the unique AKC Scent Work program variables as they pertain to interiors and containers and run some setups following their rules and guidelines.

We will also brainstorm finding new novel interior locations and how to approach businesses for usage.

Come inside and let's learn how to rock these elements!