TR203: Tracking - Skill Building

Instructor: Lucy Newton

Class Details

This class will be a continuation of TR102. We will be focusing primarily on building upon the skills introduced in TR101 and 102 - increasing spacing of targets/articles, more fully developing turns and working through small changes of cover. Because the dogs have progressed through TR101 and 102 at different rates the homework for this class will be assigned more on an individual basis rather than with each lecture. The class will not have very much if any, lecture with the exception of reminder lectures with information from the foundation classes that may apply to what we are doing in the class. We will also discuss specific problem-solving issues as needed. Pre-requisite for the gold spots in this class is that the dog should have completed TR102 (at any level); some dogs who have only completed TR101 may be allowed to participate (please contact Lucy to determine if your dog is suited for this level class).


For clarification, there will not be any new lectures for this class, it will be focusing mainly on the goals of the individual students. I may post reminder lectures or extra information if I see the need based on what I am observing from the homework.