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PLEASE NOTE: Once you have registered below, directions for accessing your live webinar will be sent to you via email (please allow up to 1 hr for email to arrive). Students using mobile devices should note the email instructions to download the required app for viewing.

New FDSA students will also receive an email with your account information to access the recorded version on the FDSA website. Registered FDSA students should log in before purchasing or use the same email as their normal student account.

Recorded webinars will be available in the My Webinar section after the live webinar and for one year from the date of registration.  You will lose access after a year if you have not purchased any additional webinars during that period. You can reinstate your access to all of your old webinars by enrolling in a new webinar. If you have any questions or problems please send an email to help@fenziacademy.com.

There are no refunds for webinar purchases.

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