Loretta Mueller

lorettaLoretta Mueller has been involved in agility since 2003 with her first rescue dog Ace. Since then she has been involved in a variety of dog training activities including USBCHA herding, competitive obedience, rally obedience, service dog training, and agility. In 2007 Loretta started Full Tilt Dog Training in Buckman, Minnesota.

She has achieved ADCH’s with 4 Border Collies—Zip (retired due to back injury), Klink, Gator (achieving his ADCH at the age of 2 ½), and her youngest dog Lynn. Lynn is already making her mark as the 2013 Central Regional Grand Prix 22” Champion, as well as being a Steeplechase and Grand Prix Semi-Finalist.

Loretta and her dogs are no strangers to the finals at USDAA World Championships. Since attending her first Nationals in 2008, she has competed with one or both dogs in each of the subsequent finals. At the 2012 USDAA World Championships, she had two dogs in EACH of the 3 finals, Grand Prix, Steeplechase and DAM Tournament.

In 2014 Loretta was chosen to be the Assistant Coach for the IFCS World Team, which competed in the Netherlands The team was very successful in this competition with many medals won. 

In addition to her border collies, Loretta also is heavily involved in helping her husband Andy Mueller train his Jack Russell Terrier Crackers, who represented the US on the IFCS and WAO world teams the past two competitions. Andy and Crackers are no strangers to the podium, having brought home many medals in the US and abroad. 

Loretta has an ability to work with all different breeds of dogs because she believes there is never a “one size fits all” method  in training. She is very good at working with each dog and handler as an individual team to help them succeed. One of her specialties is building drive in dogs that otherwise might be a challenge. She believes it isn’t just about the handling of the courses, but the entire picture that makes a great agility team!