Our school of Scent Sports encompasses the sports of Nosework and Tracking.

Nosework isn't just for old or reactive dogs anymore.... it's a mainstream, growing sport that is fun (and HARD) that is starting to take root worldwide. Canada has their own own association. Australia just started up a program similar to NACSW. Europe is jumping on the band wagon. People are realizing that this is a sport for every dog and it's fun and challenging!

Nosework engages Hunt Drive. Hunt Drive accesses the parts of the brain that help to both stimulate and focus the dog. It has a way of decreasing stress and at the same time tires the mind and body (great for the high energy pups!) Because of these attributes, it's a fantastic confidence builder. Nosework training also requires a ton of generalization. Working in hunt drive in novel areas translates to easier acclimation in new areas for other sports. Bonus!

Contrary to popular belief... it doesn't teach your dog to sniff or give them free rein to sniff in other sports. Your dogs already live through their noses. They are trained to only engage in this behavior in the presence of target odors. In fact, for Obedience dogs, you will see an increased ability to quickly find articles.... Nosework hones the dog's natural ability to and drive to find the source of odor.

Is this a "instinct sport" or is this a "trained sport?"  The answer is.... both! Technically speaking, because the dog is in Hunt Drive, there is an element of instinct, however our dogs don't come out of the womb looking for Birch. We train them and teach them our expectations. At the same time we set up increasingly difficult scent puzzles to hone their natural abilities. And.... we learn ourselves.... as the levels progress, that the ability to read your dog becomes paramount.

If you've had a passing interest, think harder! If you thought this wasn't for your young high drive dog, think again! Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is THE premier online dog training academy in the world.  We have prepared dogs for success at the highest levels! Our Nosework curriculum is Soup to Nuts and covers everything you could ever want to know about the sport.

If you love to watch your dog do what dogs do best - sniff - then you’ll love the classes in this school. All of our classes are designed to take your and your canine partner through the beginning stages to the polishing phase of all of our scent sports. Scent sports are unbeatable for building confidence and sureness in soft dogs while creating thinking and attention in more driven or harder dogs.

Dogs love to use their noses; join them in this amazing set of activities and be amazed at what your dog can do.

Here's a short video trailer to introduce you to your Nosework staff.  Enjoy!