rallyRally and Freestyle are both challenging, interesting and ever changing sports. The FDSA philosophy is that these sports should be taught with the same degree of attention to excellence and enthusiasm as any dog sport. Both Rally and Freestyle share many elements with obedience, but with more emphasis on the specific moves and less emphasis on the formality that is typically associated with traditional obedience. In addition, Freestyle competitions add in a good dose of creativity and flow, due to the addition of unique movements and…music! If you’re looking for a good entry to dog sports, look no further than the school of Rally and Freestyle!



Rally-FrEe is a unique sport with the structure of a rally course and the creativity of musical freestyle. To learn more about Rally-FrEe, please visit www.rallyfree.com

Think rally is boring for you or the dog?  Check out our compilation video showing our students training and competing: