ObedienceThe School of Obedience is designed to prepare dog/handler teams for AKC and CKC obedience competitions through the Utility level.

Courses in the School of Obedience are divided into four categories: core, skill building, games, and finishing. To have a well-trained obedience dog, we recommend taking courses from all four categories. 

This school also includes obedience classes specific to the sport of IPO. 

Core Courses

Core Courses

Core courses cover the basic skills needed for a handler to engage her dog in training with energy, focus, and fun! These courses will help you understand how motivational training works from the first stages to when the toys and treats are gone. These courses will help you to understand what is the best for your dog given her unique temperament, interests, and strengths. If you complete the entire set of core courses, you should be able to train a dog to engage with you - even in the face of tempting distractions and alternative interests. 

Think obedience is boring? Check out a compilation of our students at work!