Judy Keller

 judyJudy Keller has owned and trained Shelties for more than 20 years. She has been most successful with Morgan, her once in a lifetime dog. Judy and Morgan represented the United States three times in world agility competition, and were on the Gold medal winning mini dog team in 1998. Judy continues to enjoy training and showing in agility, even though multiple sclerosis has added significant challenges to pursuing her favorite activity. She has also successfully competed in obedience and rally with several of her Shelties as well.

Along with Deb Jones, Judy has developed the FOCUS training system (Fun, Obedience & Consistency leads to Unbelievable Success!) This system provides an effective and positive framework for teaching dogs to develop both motivation and control. Together, Deb and Judy have taught FOCUS seminars, workshops, and classes. They have also written two books (In Focus and The Focused Puppy) and developed 4 DVDs (Foundation Focus, Need for Speed, Crying for Control, and Focused Obstacle Skills) all produced by Clean Run Productions.

Their website is www.k9infocus.com