FE198: No More Excuses - Building Accountability and Motivation

Instructor: Andrea Harrison

Course Details

Struggling with motivation? Perhaps your library is full of great classes that you haven't done or you have goals and aspirations that simply aren't being met. Develop your skills to overcome the inevitable excuses that interfere with training and achievement.

This class will help you methodically work through your blocks and get you inspired and working hard with your animal partner.

Gold students will have homework and their own threads and receive specific, personal attention. Silver students will be able to participate in class and ask questions and get more general feedback on assignments.


Next session starts: April 1, 2017
Registration starts: March 22, 2017
Registration ends: April 15, 2017

Registration begins at 10:30AM PDT.

Enrollment limits: 12 gold, 12 silver, unlimited bronze. If you are interested in a bronze level, you can sign up any time during the registration period.


Week One

What’s this course and what are you going to do with it?

  • Setting Course Goals: working through a library course? Building a training plan? Getting your garage sorted out (oh wait- that’s me!)
  • Terminology and word choice
  • Planning: why it matters, how it works, what might work for you
  • The components of motivation

Week Two

What are your blocks to success? What’s the reward in what you are doing now?

  • Identifying your blocks and challenges
  • Time Management
  • Tools to work through your blocks : finding them, testing them
  • Self help experts and why they may fail you

Week Three

What are your strengths? Gaps? What reinforcement is enough for you?

  • Know Yourself
  • Being good to yourself
  • Why rewards can fail

Week Four

Who’s in your support group? Are you using them well?

  • Networking, how and why it works
  • Accountability: What? Who? Why? HOW?
  • Testing: a tool that isn’t in your comfort zone

Week Five

How excellent do you want to be?

  • Realistic Optimism
  • The word “Try”

Week Six

How are you going to keep moving forwards?

  • Setting your sails to get you where you want to go
  • Holding to Your Plan in the face of challenges and adversity
  • Dealing with excuses

Prerequisites and Equipment

There are no prerequisites for this class.

Course Testimonials

Brand new course October 2016.  

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