FE640: Compose the Dog - Photographic Composition

Instructor: Amy Johnson

Course Details

Compose the Dog is a re-write of the original Shoot the Dog 2: Compostion and Post-Production class.  We will go more in depth into the topics covered in SD2, as well as add new concepts and techniques.  If you've already taken Shoot the Dog 2, there will be lots of new material to sink your teeth into.  If you've only taken the Shoot the Dog and want to expand your photography skills, this is the class for you too!  

This class will examine the technical and aesthetic elements that make a good photo.  You will learn how to take your photo from "nice" to "amazing!"  


Registration will begin at 10:00am PST.

There are no scheduled sessions for this class at this time. We update our schedule frequently, so please subscribe to our mailing list for notifications.

Enrollment limits: 15 gold, no silver, unlimited bronze. If you are interested in a bronze level spot, you can sign up any time during the registration period.


As with all my classes, the syllabus is sketchy and somewhat fluid.  This is a very broad overview of the topics we will cover and approximately when they will fall within the course.

Week 1:
Visual Perception
Finding the Light

Week 2: 
Review of Manual Exposure and how to select the "right" settings
Balance and Visual Weight

Week 3:
Focal length
Geometric Priciples of Composition

Week 4:
Distance between objects

Week 5:
Lines and Shapes
Sharpness and Focus

Week 6:
The "It" Factor

Prerequisites and Equipment

Shoot The Dog is the prerequisite to take this class at Gold.  You can take the class at Bronze if you have not taken Shoot the Dog.  

Equipment: DSLR camera and lens(es)

Course Testimonials

Brand New Course December 2016

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