NW260: Rockin Vehicles and Awesome Exteriors

Instructor: Stacy Barnett

Course Details

This course will take your Vehicle and Exterior Skills to the Next Level.  Teams working from NW1 through NW3 will find this course extremely valuable. 

Vehicles are one of the least practiced elements yet are also one of the least understood.  Stacy decodes the ins and outs of her favorite element and shares all of her hidden secrets that have resulted in multiple NW3 Vehicle wins and 100% pass rate.  Learn her "secret sauce".

Exteriors are more often practiced but are often difficult due to scenting conditions and search area complexity.  Stacy guides you through one of her other favorite elements (and often won at NW3) in order to get you comfortable in understanding and navigating your search area.



Next session starts: June 1, 2017
Registration starts: May 22, 2017
Registration ends: June 15, 2017

Registration begins at 11:00am PDT. 

Enrollment limits: Gold: 12 students, Silver: 20 students, Bronze: unlimited. If you are interested in a bronze level subscription, you can sign up at any time during the registration period.


Week 1: Vehicles and Exterior Basics

  • Vehicles and Exteriors as Elements
  • Basic Handling
  • Sticking to Vehicles
  • UKC Novice Vehicles - Training Bumpers
  • One Hide Multiple Vehicles

Week 2: Vehicle and Exterior Scent Theory

  • Vehicles: Flow and Aerodynamics
  • Weather impact
  • Wind, Elevation and Structure
  • Windfalls, Working next to Buildings

Week 3: Vehicle Handling and Lots More

  • Vehicles are like a sundial
  • The Dance
  • Keeping your bearings
  • Handle This and I Handled That
  • When to Call Finish
  • Inaccessible hides
  • Addressing pawing at source and other troubles

Week 4: Vehicle Challenges and Competitive Considerations

  • Multiple hides on a single vehicle
  • Getting Creative
  • High Up Vehicles
  • Anything with Wheels Goes
  • Shaving off Seconds

Week 5: Exterior Handling and Lots More

  • Evaluating a Search Area in 3D
  • Working a space effectively
  • Boundaries! Or Not.
  • Handle This and I Handled That
  • When to Call Finish

Week 6: Exterior Challenges and Generalization

  • Ground Hides
  • Hides on Multiple Levels
  • Hides Near Drains
  • Training for Distractions
  • Generalization of Course!

Prerequisites and Equipment

NW130 or equivalent is suggested in order to get the most out of this class.  Dogs are expected to be able to work multiple hides.  Although there are no titling requirements, teams who are NW1 and starting to learn NW2 or who are working at the NW3 level will get the most out of this course.

This class can be accomplished with access to one or two vehicles that can be parked near neighboring vehicles.  The ability to video vehicle searches effectively is strongly suggested for Gold teams.

The desire to have FUN is a course requirement!

Course Testimonials

Brand New Course April 2016

Please refer to the instructor bio page for sample testimonials from other courses she has taught.