OB590: Stand With Me

Instructor: Laura Waudby

Course Details

This course will focus on the novice stand for exam and the utility moving stand exercises.  

We will discuss laying a foundation through games so your dog has a solid understanding of freezing in the stand position.  Much of the foundation work will not require the use of a helper, although one will be needed at the actual exam stage.

If you have a wiggly people loving dog or a dog who stresses on the exam, this class is for you!

Note: If your dog is very anxious around people, the Boogeyman course by Amy Cook will be a better fit. A dog who isn't a fan of being touched by a stranger is very different than a dog who is worried about being approached in general.


There are no scheduled sessions for this class at this time. We update our schedule frequently, so please subscribe to our mailing list for notifications.

Registration will begin at 12 Noon PST.

Enrollment limits: 12 gold, 25 silver, unlimited bronze. If you are interested in a bronze level spot, you can sign up any time during the registration period.


Pre HW: Methods to Teach a Stand

1. Release Cues and Rewarding

2. Zen Games

3. Utilizing the Oppositional Reflex

4. Adding in Handler Distractions

5. Walking Around the Dog

6. Beginning the Moving Stand 

7. Adding Pressure through Objects

8. Adding a Human Distraction

9. Advanced Oppositional Reflex Games

10. Adding a Helper- Walking By

11. Helper Appraoches and Zen

12. Adding Arousal to the Moving Stand

13. Advanced Cookie Bending

14. Touch!

15. Advancing the Exam

16. Final Moving Stand Notes

Most of the lectures will be released in the first 3-4 weeks of class so that we can evaluate what more experienced dogs should be working on.  Students are not expected to complete all the lectures each week and it will be impossible for a dog new to stands or exams to be able to work through all the steps.  A helper will occasionally be needed in weeks 3-6 (or sooner) for teams who are ready.

Prerequisites and Equipment

Dogs of all levels are invited to train!  Even puppies can get started on learning a solid foundation.

Equipment Needed: None required.  A helper will be needed in later weeks, although much of the initial foundation can be done without.  Only a small room needed for space as most exercises will be stationary.  Enough room to heel about 15ft will be beneficial for those wanting to work on the moving stand.

Optional equipment: Balance disc, platform (large enough for all 4 feet on), perch (for 2 front feet)

Course Testimonials

A Sampling of what prior students have said about this course ...

This class is a really comprehensive education for both dog and handler on all of the elements that make for a great stand behavior. My dog and I had been stuck in a rut when it came to stand, and not only did we get past that quickly thanks to the course materials, I now have a complete plan for getting this behavior rock-solid and trial ready! --Katherine O.       

Stand with Me is an excellent class working on an exercise that can be very stressful for a dog. Laura had great ideas to break down the components to help explain the exercise to the dog and feel confident about it. Ann S.         

I loved this course and i love the acadamy set up. This was my first online training course and i wasnt sure how i would go with not only learning online but doing it through mobile data and then a tablet. Very very good.           

Laura, I signed up for this class last minute, and almost on a whim. I am *so* glad I did! Kiyo & I both learned a lot & our confidence levels also increased. You are patient, thorough, detailed and kind. Looking forward to taking more classes with you. "Ring confidence" if we can get in it! Nancy Almann         

Thankyou very much for the opportunity to learn and break through some walls with our training. Laura is wonderful.          

Thank you! I learned a lot from this class. Lots of good tips for how to train a Stand and my dog's skills improved! Lectures were excellent.          

This class was great! Lots of helpful videos, feedback was excellent, very prompt responses. Thank you!