RA570: Rally-FrEe Refined

Instructor: Julie Flanery

Course Details

This course is for those wanting to improve the quality of their Rally-FrEe performances and increase their scores. It is designed for dog and handler teams at any level of Rally-FrEe though is most beneficial to those that are either getting ready to compete or already competing. You’ll learn what judges are looking for in a performance and strategize for the highest possible scores. You'll learn how to assess your and your dog's performance of sign behaviors and create true teamwork.  Gold spot pre-requisite of RA510: Skills for Intermediate/Advanced Rally-FrEe and Musical Freestyle. Any level bronze welcome.


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Registration begins at 12noon PDT.

Enrollment limits: Gold: 12 students, Silver: 25 students, Bronze: unlimited. If you are interested in a bronze level subscription, you can sign up at any time during the registration period.


This syllabus is subject to minor changes or additions

Wk 1

Scoring Factors: What are they?

Criteria review: A plan worth sticking to!

Criteria review and sign nuances of individual behaviors: #32 Bow, plus 1 handler choice

Wk 2

Course Navigation that benefits the team

When to cue and when to move

Criteria review and sign nuances of individual behaviors: #4 Sit Stand and #5, Down Stand plus 1 handler choice

Wk 3

Strategies for Free Choice behaviors

Criteria Review and sign nuances of individual behaviors: #30 and 31, Paw lifts plus 1 handler choice

Wk 4

Attention games

Preventing disconnect on a course

Criteria Review of individual behaviors: #6 and 7, 270’s plus 1 handler choice

Wk 5

Back chaining courses – how, where, and why

Criteria Review of individual behaviors: #8 Prop weave plus 1 handler choice

Wk 6

Course navigation practice:  Mini skills courses, married signs,  quick recognition of signs

Prerequisites and Equipment


This course is designed for students with a basic understanding of the sport of Rally-FrEe and is most beneficial to those that are preparing to compete or are already competing at any level. Gold students should have several steps of heelwork on the left and the right and many of the Novice Rally-FrEe sign behaviors already trained.   Ideally gold students will have taken RA510 at the bronze level or higher.

Students should be familiar with the use of markers, either a clicker or verbal marker and should understand the process of “shaping” or marking and rewarding small increments of behavior toward building the end result.

Dogs should have an understanding of markers and have the ability to focus on the handler during an exercise, and be able to maintain a standing, stationary position in left and right heel for several seconds.

Gold level students will need the ability to video their training sessions and upload their video to YouTube or other sharing site and post for instructor review.


You may be using props such as platforms or “training gates” to create clear criteria. Please contact me if you are unfamiliar with these aids.

You will also need several of the Rally-FrEe signs.  These may printed individually from the website at www.rallyfree.com or they may be purchased in their store.  The flashcards may work as well. You will also need the ability to have signs be upright such as in stands or leaning against cones.

In most cases the exercises for this course can be done in a small space.  However a larger space for setting up partial courses is beneficial.

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Brand New Course April 2016

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