NW230: Polishing Skills for NW2 and NW3

Instructor: Stacy Barnett

Course Details

Want to take your Nosework skills to the next level?

This is the fourth skill building course in our Nosework curriculum and will build on the skills acquired in our previous classes.  This class is appropriate for any team wishing to polish the more advanced skills of Nosework.  Although our curriculum starts dogs on odor using Operant Conditioning, the subsequent classes are suitable for teams regardless of how you train.

This class will take your NW2 and NW3 skills to the next level.  We will challenge you with topics such as:

  • advanced containers, proofing for distractions and working with luggage
  • converging odor from multiple hides
  • accessible vs. inaccessible hides
  • how to assess if a hide is inaccessible and when to call alert
  • how to deal with inaccessible vehicle hides
  • setting up advanced scent puzzles and improving detailing skills
  • dealing with hide elevation
  • building search stamina
  • generalization, generalization, generalization

Class Trailer:

Compilation of Student Videos from June 2015 Session:


There are no scheduled sessions for this class at this time. We update our schedule frequently, so please subscribe to our mailing list for notifications.

Registration will begin at 11:00AM PST.

Enrollment limits: Gold: 12 students, Silver: 25 students, Bronze: unlimited. If you are interested in bronze level, you can sign up any time during the registration period.


Week 1:

  • What to expect with NW2 and NW3 trials
  • Self assessment and goals for the course
  • Accessible vs. Inaccessible
    • How to tell the difference
    • What makes a good hide
  • Accessible vs. Inaccessible baseline

Week 2:

  • Inaccessible vehicle hides: how to identify and how to call
  • Timing the Alert for inaccessible hides in Exteriors and Interiors
  • Generalization - taking it on the road
  • Review of basic Scent Theory

Week 3:

  • Converging odor from multiple hides, getting to source
  • Improving detailing skills
  • Setting up advanced scent puzzles
  • Generalization - multiple hide scent puzzles away from home

Week 4:

  • Introduction to luggage and container complexity (shape, size, material)
  • Use of distractors in NW trials
  • Identifying distraction versus odor alert in your dog
  • Proofing exercises for distractors
  • Generalization - different containers, different locations

Week 5:

  • Hide elevation for NW2 and NW3
  • Natural distractions, building odor obedience in the face of crittering
  • Managing Crittering!
  • More advanced scent puzzles
  • Generalization - challenging novel environments

Week 6:

  • Building independent search behavior
  • Building search stamina with sequential blind, timed hides
  • Self Assessment

Prerequisites and Equipment

There are no specific prerequisites for this class.  It is recommended that your dog be working confidently on all of the elements doing single hide searches.  It is helpful if you have already started basic multi-hide searches. A NW1 title is not required to participate in this class.

This class is suitable for all teams ready to start training NW2 or teams that are more advanced and want to polish their existing skills in preparation for NW2 or NW3.

Helpful equipment:

  • 12 ORT type boxes
  • Containers for Non-Box Container searches such as luggage, milk jugs, empty 2 L bottles, thermoses, trashcans, get creative!
  • Oils for the first two levels of your trialing organization (Birch and Anise for NACSW)
  • Qtips or scent kit.  
  • Tins, straws, tubes and other containers to hold Qtips
  • Access to search areas and vehicles


Course Testimonials


This class is a "must have" for any team wanting to improve their Noseworks skills for NW2 or NW3... I feel like I understand the game so much better now, and my dog and I are a stronger team for sure- and we had so much FUN doing it!!            

Really enjoyed this course. Thanks to the instructor for a very well done and extremely worthwhile course.            

NW230 really helped my dog and me to take our nosework training to the next level. I now have a better understanding of the skills our team needs to succeed in NW2 and 3. Stacy is an amazingly talented and caring instructor who works hard to help her students train hard for easy trialing. Thanks, Stacy! - Cheryl M.             

This is an intense class.... Stacy was upfront about the class being dense with material that needed to be covered. I had to work diligently throughout the 6 weeks to keep up with the homework assigned.... and our improved skills are a testiment to all of that work.               

Definitely even better than expected, and I felt confident it would be good -- didn't imagine it would be magnificent.         

Good detailing, and volumes of information. Loved it. This is what we need.               

Wonderful lectures and videos -- many more than expected.            

Stacy is the epitome of an incredible, caring instructor! She clearly cares about her students and their progress.