AG250: Foundation See Saw

Course Details

Instructor: Julie Daniels

The regulation see-saw is a complex obstacle, with several elements of difficulty in play at once. Even dogs with agility titles are often tolerating the see-saw but not loving it. We can change that!

This course is designed to help you give your dog the complete skill set to perform the 12-foot regulation see-saw with accuracy, joy and speed! We can accomplish this goal together with a dog who has never seen the see-saw, a dog who has some bad habits associated with his performance of the see-saw, or with a dog who is, for any reason, afraid of the see-saw. In short, any dog can benefit from this class, and all dogs are welcome in this class. If your pup's growth plates are not closed, then we will pad the regulation height see-saw to minimize concussion.

You will not need to own a regulation see-saw to do the homework in this class. We can teach the skill set with substitute equipment, shorter planks and lower heights. When you are ready for the regulation see-saw, having access to one just once or twice per week will be adequate for transfer of skills.

We will use clickers, voice markers, cookies, toys, personal play, props, substitutes, approximations, and all manner of shameless fun and games in this class. We will give your dog what he needs to own see-saw skills with happiness and confidence along the way. This class will be a creative challenge, and most important, lots of fun! We will help your dog learn to love every component of the see-saw, every element of difficulty.

We will address both the mental and the physical skills. You will learn to notice and honor and develop all the component skills of your dog's see-saw performance. Each step of the way, you will learn to read your dog and offer the right help and the right reward at the right time, so the dog will demand more. We'll be raising criteria because the dog will demand it.

We will forge many different paths to the goal! Different dogs will learn in different ways, so we will use different approaches and different games to unlock each element of difficulty. We will celebrate the learning style of each individual dog. Above all, we will have a very good time making best friends with the regulation see-saw!


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Registration begins at 9AM PDT.

Enrollment limits: Gold: 12 students, Silver: 10 students, Bronze: unlimited. If you are interested in bronze level, you can sign up any time during the registration period.





Do You Abuse Your Clicker?

Choosing Your Priorities

Sound Games

Substrate Games

Plank Games

When and How to Invite

When and How to Use the Unexpected

The Elements of Difficulty


Understanding and Use of Feelings: the Visceral Reactions

More Plank Games

Coordination Games

Using Surprise!

Understanding and Using the Order of Events

Using Differential Reinforcement

Imposing Relief

Remember Your Priorities – It Gets Harder!

Building Trust in the Unexpected

Adding Duration by Choice


Understanding and Use of Thinking: the Conscious Reactions

Using Delay

Shaping for Demand

Advanced Sound and Substrate and Plank Games

Balance Games

Building Trust in Scary Things

Cues: When and How to Name Names


Using Interference

The Do You See Game

Speed Games

Coordination Games in Play

Using Reverse Psychology to Build Strength

When and How to Use Differential Reinforcement Now

Should Your Priorities Change? To What? Why?

Height Games: Up, Up, and Up

Using Outside Distractions


Advanced Empowerment

Advanced Height Games

Games Using Combinations of Elements

Imposing Reinforcement: What, Where, When, and Why

Adding Distance and How to Reinforce

What Does Help Look Like Now? When and How and Why!


All Together Now!

Power Games

Advanced Combinations of Elements

Combining Distance, Duration, Distraction, and Difficulty with Cookie Jars

No Matter What: Fighting for the Line

Just Try and Stop Me: Using Interference


Prerequisites and Equipment

You will NOT need to buy a regulation see-saw for this class! In fact, if your dog has a problem, that 'solution' by itself often backfires. But I can fix that, too!

Beginning in Week 5, you will need access to a regulation see-saw at least once per week. If you want to sign up at the gold level, then hopefully you can access a regulations see-saw three times per week during Weeks 5 and 6 for your three videos. But even if you do not have access I can help you build such confidence and skill in your dog that you will be able to transfer his success to the regulation see-saw at a later time.

You WILL need to be creative in finding or making some simple contraptions for noise, balance, and height! These might include, but are not limited to, various boards and planks, cinder blocks/patio blocks/bricks,picnic benches, to noise makers of all sorts, like Tupperware and silverware and stainless steel bowls to soup cans, soda cans, paper towel rolls, barrels and benches, etc, to height elements like your front porch, car trunk, picnic table, etc.

This class will ask you to think outside the box over and over! You'll be asked to get inside your dog's head and think of useful items that I or your classmates might not imagine. I have a hundred ideas for you to choose from, or maybe you might show me some new bright idea I have never thought of. In any case we will have a great time getting to know your dog's way of thinking and operating and problem solving. We will stretch your dog's confidence and capablities in many ways! Welcome to AG250!

Course Testimonials

A sampling of what prior students have said about this course ..... 

The foundation see saw class with Julie Daniels was my first Fenzi Academy class and I Loved it! Julie is an amazing instructor who presented all the lessons ina clear and fun way and was always positive and supportive of all her students progress.               

Julie Daniels is an exceptional teacher. Seesaw took handler/dogs of various levels and she was able to address everyones individual skill levels. The class lays a terrific foundation for everything, not just teeter. Julie taught me the value of and strategies to build not just confidence but EMPOWERMENT in my girl. She gives very specific, helpful feedback. I took my totally green, somewhat reluctant,dog to an enthusiastic pup who jumps on the teeter when she sees it but it was the handler who learned the most Jennifer L            

Julie's training style works so well for me. Ensuring the dog is not only confident but joyful in completing training steps before moving on, is so crucial to the success and happiness of my dog. We started at zero knowledge and zero exposure to the teeter. I'm ending with a dog that can't wait for me to completely set up the teeter to put a paw on it and has turned down a treat to bang the teeter with his paws! Amazing! Thank you! Lisa H.            

I took the Julie's teeter course with my young 15 mo old dog who was a blank slate with the teeter. I wanted to make sure she got a great start and would have a lot of confidence on the teeter, and a solid performance and would have plenty of great experiences so when things happen she would not become afraid in the future. This class did all that and so much more. Every element of a good teeter performance was addressed and more importantly we worked on the dogs and handlers confidence - I noticed an increase in my dogs confidence and comfort in life in general because of the work we did in this class. I'd highly recommend it. Kathy M           

What an imaginative and thorough way to expose our dogs to every aspect of the teeter. Not only did we find success in the individual exercises, but I see confidence and empowerment in other aspects of life as a carryover. Thank you for a great course. Mary Ann           

Wow! Julie is awesome! She explains the key concepts so well that I feel confident training my dogs and being creative. Julie is inspiring and a super supportive teacher. My dogs love the seesaw! I'll take any course that Julie teaches.         

This would be an invaluable class for anyone concerned about how to teach the see saw or already dealing with see saw problems. Julie took us thru from the beginning step by step, all targeted to building confidence for the tasks in our dogs. Her reviews of work submissions were very detailed and targeted to each students specific problems. i got the impression that she really cared about everyone's sucess. Looking forward to taking more classes with her Tom T.           

I am just a fan of Julie Daniels now. She has helped my dog become more confident and I understand how to set up our training sessions for him to be more empowered. While my dog has a lot to overcome, knowing Julie really truly cares about him (and me) and wants more than anything to see us succeed empowered ME to keep going. I hope to take many more classes through Fenzi and in particular with Julie. I just hope at one point I can hug her in person and have her witness our changes. Thank you so very much. Margo F.