CC260: Those Bum Knees

Instructor: Debbie Gross

Course Details

Knee problems are incredibly common in dogs.  Whether the dog is a top level athlete or a professional cookie catcher at home, the knee is one of the weakest links.  Cruciate disease, ACL or CCL problems are undoubtely the number one reason why owners take their dogs in for a visit with a rehab specialist. In fact, knee problems are so common that chances are good that everyone with a dog is going to experience a problem with knees at some point.  Osteoarthritis is a problem with many of our dogs, and this course will help you help your dog strengthen and support the arthritic area.  The multimodal approac is crucial to addressing osteoarthritis and is inclusive of reducing pain and infllammation, and improving strength and range of motion. 

This class is applicable to ANYONE that is concerned about their dog's knees. This class will focus on strategies to help prevent knee problems, non-surgical approaches, discuss when surgery is needed, and raise injury awareness.   Our goal is to help our dogs have the best quality of life for the longest time possible.  

I would strongly encourage a gold or silver level if you do have a dog with a knee problem.  The gold level will allow for one on one interaction, and the homework will discuss specific exercises for you and your dog, as well as their progressions.  This is also an excellent class for those involved in the rehabilitation, strengthening and training of dogs with knee problems. 



Next session starts: June 1, 2017
Registration starts: May 22, 2017
Registration ends: June 15, 2017

Registration begins at 9:30am PDT. 

Enrollment limits: Gold: 15 students, Silver: 25 students, Bronze: unlimited. If you are interested in bronze level, you can sign up any time during the registration period.


Week 1 - Basic anatomy of the knee and action of the knee and the hindlimb

Week 2 - Common injuries to the knee:  cruciate injuries, patella luxations, and soft tissue injuries

Week 3- Prevention of knee injuries and the multimodal approach to stifle osteoarthritis

Week 4 - Conservative approaches to the cruciate deficient knee, and when surgery is needed

Week 5 - Programs and progressions of cruciate injuries - surgical and non surgical

Week 6 - Putting it all together - the program for your dog


Prerequisites and Equipment

No prerequisities.  Suggested equipment:  Infinities, rocker boards, disks, Pawds, and others.  Please contact Debbie for specifics on your dog and a 10% discount code on various pieces of equipment.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course Testimonials


I have worked with a vetrinary physical therapist before, but didn't feel like I had a good program to continue on at home. This class has been invaluable. My dog is moving better, and seems to be more comfortable. A good series of exercises to help her, and a good progression program to help her improve.                 

Learned a great deal about the working of the canine knee, and exercises needed to address issues.           

Debbie was a phenomenal instructor. Extremely credible and professional, and clearly on top of her game. It was a pleasure learning from her.          

Course exceeded expectations. Dr Debbie is an excellent instructor. Glad we signed up! Thank you.             

The Bum Knees class had been VERY helpful to me and my Australian Shepherd. The lectures and supporting video helped me to develop an exercise program and gave me a much better understanding of what we are dealing with. Debbi was great and incredibly knowledgeable.              

Duncan's gone from hiding in my room on the cushy beds to out in the house playing with the other dogs and watching the people more, and has resumed more hunting activities in the yard. He's had a TPLO and we are doing conservative management for his second CCL tear. This class has helped expand his abilities again. I hope to land a Gold spot the next time it's offered and continue building on our skills and his physical fitness. Flo. F.