AG240: Foundation Weaves - Love Them and Flaunt Them

Instructor: Julie Daniels

Course Details

The goal of this course is for your dog to be able to weave 12 consecutive poles with confidence, accuracy, and joy. It is a good course for newcomers, for retraining dogs who have a problem, and for dogs who are well started but may have a weakness in any element of weaving skill.

Some dogs begin to drive through the slalom happily with very little training. Other dogs feel foreign and flat-footed in there. Both extremes have strengths and weaknesses. Both extremes are welcome in this class!

We will use clickers and voice markers, cookies and toys and party games. You will need to learn your dog's reinforcement hierarchy so that we can use differential reinforcement as weeks go on.

You will NOT need fancy equipment. Of course it's great to have weaves, and they are a great agility investment. But it will not be necessary to have 2x2's or regulation weave equipment. We can teach behaviors and concepts with substitutes like fencing stakes or reflective stakes, “zoner honers,” pvc pipe over metal base, or stick-in-the-ground poles. You get the idea. I will be sure to demo some of the non-regulation options, I've used many of them. They can make your dog very smart!

We will embrace both the mental and the physical game of weaving. We'll work with concepts and with patterns of behavior. We will notice and learn from the individual ways of going. Most important, we will build desire and confidence and accuracy in measurable increments, so there will be no need to rush any one element of the process. The course is designed to help you build skills at your own pace so that you can have it all.


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Enrollment limits: 12 gold, 25 silver, unlimited bronze. If you are interested in a bronze level spot you can register any time during the enrollment period.

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Foundation Weaves – Love Them and Flaunt Them!

Taught by Julie Daniels


Wk 1

Intro to 2x2's or substitutes

Using “Go Between” Games

Angled 2x2's

“First Pole” Games

When/Where/How to Reinforce

Building Desire and Focus


Wk 2

Intro to Channels or Offset Poles

Xpens: with or without channels

Adding another 2x2

The Three C's: what's the best priority for your dog?

Using the “Do You See” Game

When/Where/How to Reinforce


Wk 3

Fine-Tuning Your Markers

Upping Criteria

The Third 2x2

“Last Pole” Games: for xpens and 2x2s

Using the Variables

Individual Choreography


Wk 4

Distance, Distraction, Duration

The Three C's: should your priority change?

Building Accuracy Under Pressure

Using Mistakes Wisely – the when, why, and how

Creating “Self Right” Weavers!


Wk 5

Fun Games With D, D, and D!

Measuring Accuracy – my system

When and How to “Help” Now

Weaning from Props

More with Markers


Wk 6

No Matter What!

Cool Games and Handling Tools

No More Props?

Testing and Maintaining Criteria

Fixing Errors at Speed

Ever More Powerful!

Prerequisites and Equipment

Foundation Weaves – Love Them and Flaunt Them!

Taught by Julie Daniels


Prerequisites and Necessary Equipment:


There is no prerequisite for this course! No experience required of handler or dog.

Even a baby dog can learn the first few steps of these games, and the exposure to these concepts will help you so much later on when he is really old enough to weave. Of course we will not be cranking around the spines and joints of baby dogs, so there is much that we would NOT do with a dog whose growth plates are not closed. That is a good rule to know when to start real weaving for speed and power. For that reason you might not want to invest in Gold level participation with a baby dog. But just imagine how smart your youngster will be later if you instill now the concepts of going between and enjoying the art of the slalom. You could teach weaving between your legs if you'd like to end up with a completed trick for a baby. It's all good.


Here is a picture of a few different ideas for our initial “go between” work in this course:


The spacing can be anything from 18” to 36” to start with, and we will transition to about 24”. Even a couple of wingless stanchions could work for the first concepts.


As we progress with adult dogs, you WILL need to have at least 6 weaves of some kind.

But you do not have to have regulation equipment to teach the concept and muscle movements of weaving.


Here is a picture of some ideas:


Regulation weaves are a great option, and a great agility investment.

If you can get them for class you will always be glad you have them. Twelve is ideal, six is fine.

Leaning against the regulation poles I have two 24” high Xpens (any height will do). If you will be using regulation poles and not 2x2's or channels, then you will need 2 Xpens.

Leaning on an Xpen you can see several reflective stakes which I have slipped into short lengths of pvc. Any kind of stick-in-the-ground pole like this is fine for suitable ground. I've used fiberglass fence posts too. They are cheap and easy to transport, but I put pvc sleeves over them because they shed nasty splinters. On the right I have a set of practice channels, meaning that they are not regulation because they do not quite adjust to a straight line. I love these for training weaves! They also come in pvc, but I like the sturdy steel base. They are often available cheaply. Channels which adjust to regulation poles are wonderful, and a lot more expensive. Just into the picture at the front you can see a steel stand-alone pole. I do not remember the original purpose of these, but I have had them for 25 years and still love them. I mention it because you might come upon something serviceable which you will recognize as useful if you are thinking about this.

I hope you can see that the game of weaving can be fun at any level! You can make your dog smart enough to recognize a set of weaves no matter what material or combination of poles they look like. We will approach this as a skill set and a game. Both the physical and the mental components are equally important and equally fun to train.

Course Testimonials

A sampling of what prior students have said about this course ...

This weaves course was one of the most comprehensive and valuable online classes I have ever taken. It has really helped both my dogs and after being stuck for over a year trying to teach this skill I saw huge improvement after just the first week.         

I am so happy I took this class. Julie is a very insightful and encouraging teacher. My dog and I came to this class with exactly zero experience each on weaves. He has gone from not quite sure about it to happily cantering through a very narrow weave channel and now even has begun actual weaving through the poles. To me this is quite impressive for such a short class. I wish the class would keep going. If it is offered again I would take it again, as I've seen Julie can help you advance no matter what level you are at. Lisa H.             

Love the basics of this course that are designed to create love and desire for the weaves -- not just the ability to get through 12 poles without a mistake. Learned so much and loved every minute. Mary Ann E        

This was a great class. I was hesitant at first to take an online agility class as a green handler with a green dog for a foundations class. As it turns out I was able to get more out of this course with the detailed feedback I got of video analysis and with the overall increased comfort level of my sensitive dog who tends to need to go slower than the pace of in person agility classes. I was extremely impressed and encouraged by Julie's total understanding/acceptance of my dog's mental state/drive/confidence as well as the physical challenges of my non- standard agility breed (Great Dane). She has really brought to light an overall methodology for working with my dog that transfers to everything and doesn't apply to the weaves. I felt that this class was extremely useful for such a technical obstacle and as a beginner it was great to be able to concentrate on it in isolation. I love that I have the notes to review every one of my videos and that it's not up to my on my toes memory as to what feedback I remember from an in person class. This is not meant as a negative to in person agility classes; however this is both a great supplement to in person agility or a fantastic option for those who dont have in person facilities available. Tanya M        

 I have done agility with previous dogs and the bane of my life was the weavers the last thing taught and god I hated them so how was my dog going to enjoy them. This time I am teaching my dog weavers first and we have had a ball she loves to weave and I am amazed at the speed we learnt and how we can now add extra obstacles wow love it Lyn L          

Fantastic course! Warm, exuberant, positive instructor -- Julie Daniels. Specific goals named every step of the way and what to look for as you are heading towards the main goal of the course. I took AG240 Foundation Weaves to test the waters of online agility education in general and Fenzi Academy in particular. My dog can complete the weaves and find his entrances 90% of the time, but his journey through the weaves has been lackluster. Our instructor taught us to look for and recognize confidence every step of the way before moving on. Although we had learned to weave via channels and 2 x 2s before this class, her particular take on successful weaving from the ground up minimized the opportunity for failure, which builds confidence into the equation. Also, with an online class an having lectures available for a year, a student can go at his or her own pace and catch up later. Exceptionally excellent teaching. Videos show how to turn a mistake into a learning moment. Typical and atypical agility dogs (HOORAY!!!) were included in the examples used. My dog and I give it 6 paws up.  

Julie is awesome! I liked how she presented the material and started discussion questions. Her feedback to students was supportive and constructive. I took the course at bronze with a dog brand new to Weaves and another dog who competes in Masters. Both dogs love their weaves and made so much progess. Thanks! Linda A.         

An incredible amount of information that addressed every conceivable need/problem/challenge