FE290: Handle This - how to make the most of goals, planning and learning

Instructor: Andrea Harrison

Course Details

This course takes the work begun in All In Your Head and adds more layers. A variety of goal setting techniques are covered as well as tips to help with making the most of your learning preferences, no matter who you work with. Techniques for memorizing courses and remembering things while on the course are also covered.

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All in Your Head is not a prerequisite, but is recommended .


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Week One

Planning and Goal Setting

Why do it, and what’s the difference between the two?

Making planning and goal setting work for you.

Strategies: Finding Motivation


Week Two

It’s All in Your Head – Reprising the role of brain research and memory

Developing  Your Master Plan

First Stages of Goal Setting

Strategies:  Goal Setting Templates


Week Three

On Being Realistic

How does your handling work for you? Self-evaluation and “the experts”

Record keeping:  stage one

Strategies:  Learning Styles and how you can use yours to benefit yourself


Week Four

Dealing with disappointment

Managing when the learning opportunity doesn’t mesh with your style

Revisiting Goals

Record keeping: stage two

Strategies:  Finding Calmness in adversity  


Week Five:

Getting your handling issues under control

Showing success (even if it’s failure)

Change (what is it really good for?)

Strategies:  Dealing with Stress and Nerves



Week Six

Checking your goal development

Final tweaking of your master plan

Moving Forward

Strategies: The Dunning-Kruger Effect and Flea Circuses   

Prerequisites and Equipment


Video is is not required for this course, though it may be helpful.

Its All In Your Head is recommended. You can purchase the lectures from the Prerequisites Purchase page.

Course Testimonials


I really like Andrea's courses and would happily take more of them. I believe that so many of my issues with dog sports have to do with my issues and these two classes have allowed me to move forward where I was not doing so before. The dog's skills are great but until I can move past the entail issues we could not be successful in competition.  

Love both of Andrea's courses. The insight I have gained has allowed me to move forward and compete in agility and obedience more confidently and thoughtfully. The toolbox is full of wonderful ideas for more success in dog training and competing and life in general. I would take more of these types of classes taught by Andrea in a heartbeat! Sharon F.      

This class was eye-opening, insightful and really helped me frame the issues I have with motivation, goal planning and my mental game when it comes to dog training and life in general. The lectures and techniques discussed were extremely helpful and have made a significant impact in all parts of my life, not just dog training. Six short weeks was not long enough to spend in this class. Andrea is a wonderful instructor providing support when needed and challenging you at the same time to expand and explore every part of you and your psyche. I honestly can't say enough about this class, it is a true gem. Tracey B.              

Andrea is funny, patient and non-judgmental, a real model for how I'd like to be with my own students. I really appreciated her approach to helping me towards a goal I have been struggling with for nearly 6 months. Ayoka B.                

Thank you Andrea for everything, this class was scary for me thinking of opening up and acknowledging personal struggles and you made it feel safe and have improved so many aspects of my life with small, but very meaningful things. So thank you!               

Andrea - you are awesome. You are so very giving to all your students. Classes with you are a haven! Thank you, thank you thank you.  

I think Andrea is one of the most caring instructors you have. Not to say the other instructors aren't caring of course. Andrea is very intuitive and always seems to,say just what you need to hear, in a way that lets you absorb it.