CC330: Canine Fitness Trainer 3

Instructor: Debbie Gross

Course Details

This is the third in a 4 part series of classes focused on canine fitness and conditioning. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive program that will allow you to understand and safely implement an exercise program for dogs. We will review canine anatomy, canine conditioning and physiology, exercise physiology and science, movement and gait, nutrition, common canine conditions, and programs.  This program will help you design a program for dogs – whether it is for overall health and fitness or for a specific sport and activity.  

Gold members will be eligible to go through the examination process to be awarded a certficate in canine fitness. Participants will need to check their own regulatory guidelines by the state and country and are fully responsible for their own limitations. This 4 course series will be followed by a comprehensive examination given by Wizard of Paws (the payment company is DSAL), and a submission of four case studies.  If the two portions are successfully completed, a Canine Fitness Trainer Certificate will be awarded.  (In the process of RACE investigation for the course series.) Only gold members will be eligible to complete the examination.  

This series will complement the K9 conditioning classes, but with more depth and more detail, in addiiton to further topics. 

Target Audience: Persons interested in learning more on how to work on physical conditioning and exercise with dogs.  Participants may be involved in dog training, exercise, or for their knowledge only. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge on canine fitness and taking it to another level – this program is for you!  You may want to explore a different career and offer programs to clients, friends, or increase your ability to help your own dogs.  


Next session starts: June 1, 2017
Registration starts: May 22, 2017
Registration ends: June 15, 2017

Registration begins at 9:30am PST.

Enrollment limits: only bronze level registration is available during this session.

NOTE: If you signed up for the entire four class series already (last session, or one before it) you do NOT need to sign up for the individual classes again. Your registration will be transferred to each new class in the series. 

If you are paying as you go along, you will need to sign up for each class separately.


This class is the third in a series of four classes.  The first two classes were spent on the fundamentals of the dog's body, structure, anatomy, and basic principles.  During the third series, we will continue with the strucutral weaknesses of the hindlimb, and then begin with exercises for specific parts of the body.  This class will lead into the fourth and final series of the program.

Week 1 - Structural weaknesses of the hindlimb; specifcially for the hip, stifle, and the hock

Week 2 - Focus on balance and proprioceptive exercises

Week 3 - Definition and demonstraton of exercises - concentric, eccentric, and isometric.  We will also also discuss how these different exercises fit into everyday activities as well as everyday life

Week 4 - Hindlimb Strengthening

Week 5 - Forelimb Strengthening

Week 6 - Putting the third session together.  

Prerequisites and Equipment

For the gold members, the first and second classes are the prerequites.  Silver and bronze members may jump in at any time. It is suggested the previous classes be purchases as a read-only, but this is not necessary. 

You can purchase the previous classes in the series from the Prerequisites Purchase page.

Fitness equipment is recommended.  For specific equipment needs, please feel free to email Deb at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Course Testimonials


I am so excited this course is now being offered. I have researched other canine fitness trainer courses and none seemed as thorough as this. I am grateful we had an opportunity to sign up for all four at once so now I don't have to worry if I get in the next class or not. I have already learned so much and this is just the first level of four! I am also happy with the fact that there will be a certification opportunity after the class. Lisa H.              

Fantastic course and instructor!!            

The lectures, photos and videos were great. Very clear, pertinent and educational.          
Debbie Gross does an excellent job providing feedback and making the learning environment welcoming and fun.    
Thank you Debbie, I have loved every minute of the first part of the course and excited to learn more over the coming months :)       
I am taking this for the second time and am STILL getting my money's worth.             
Debbie is very responsive to her students. She stays on top of the class postings and her fast responses to homework and questions are very much appreciated.        
Debbie Gross is beyond supportive and accommodating. Her knowlegde base is astounding.              
Debbie was fantastic, her feedback was so helpful and she was very quick to respond to posts.   
This class has been GREAT! I am learning so much. I cannot wait for the rest of the series.