AG120: Agility Basics 2

Instructor: Loretta Mueller

Course Details

This course builds on the agility handling moves we learned in AG110: Intro to Agility. Now we will begin to put these handling maneuvers into small sequences using combinations of 3 jumps and a tunnel. We will also further refine the handling process to your individual dog so you can understand what your dog needs on these courses.


Next session starts: April 1, 2017
Registration starts: March 22, 2017
Registration ends: April 15, 2017

Registration will begin at 9:00AM PST.

Enrollment limits: Gold: 12 students, Silver: 25 students, Bronze: unlimited. If you are interested in bronze level, you can sign up any time during the registration period.

For answers to commonly asked questions see our FAQ page.


NEW SYLLABUS 3/12/15!!!!!! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!! We will be using a MOTION BASED SYSTEM in this handling class.

Week 1-Serpentines and Threadles In Course Work. Discussing walking courses effectively.

Week 2-Introducing the Tunnel!!!! Discriminations in Agility: How to recognize them! How to handle them! (THIS IS WHERE THE TUNNEL WILL BE USED!!!!)  Tailoring Collection Cues For Your Individual Dog.

Week 3-Building Committment to get further down the line in courses. Introduction to Mental Management, Introduction to Fancy Turn #1.

Week 4-Lead Outs: How? Why? Where? Introduction to Fancy Turn #2.

Week 5-Smooth Transitions between Extension and Collection.

Week 6-Finding the Best Handling for YOUR team! Looking at Options.

Prerequisites and Equipment

Prerequisite: AG110 or permission from instructor. You can purchase the lecture-only option of the prerequisite class from our Prerequisites Purchase Page. It is very important that you have worked on the exercises through AG110.

Equipment: MINIMUM EQUIPMENT: 3 jumps and one tunnel (used for discriminations and teaching of the tunnel). One of the 3 jumps needs to have wings. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TUNNEL, but you have another piece of agility equipment (examples are tire, table, dogwalk, aframe, teeter, weaves) that your dog is capable of performing, you may use that for the discrimination exercises in Week 2.

Optional equipment: Get creative :-)


Course Testimonials


If you want to build a strong agility foundation or are looking to review and strengthen your existing foundation, look no further than the Agility 110 and 120. The classes are acked full of material that will allow you to build a solid knowledge base. Loretta has a keen eye for details and the ability to critique your work with a critical eye. Her evaluations are always both helpful (with lots of suggestions) encouraging. For me personally, the changes I have seen in my dog are nothing short of brilliant. I can not wait to continue our agility journey with Loretta as both our mentor and cheerleader.              

Absolutely amazing to realize what you can learn about teaching skills and handling moves under the watchful eye of Loretta. Everybody made incredible progress and learned detailed and technical skills that go way beyond basics.

What a fantastic journey through all the essentials of agility. Incredibly clear and detailed instructions and the feedback is simply incredible. Second-by-second you know exactly what went right and what went wrong. Being able to replay those moments and compare with the comments is an incredible way to learn. Just love these courses! Mary Ann

I can't say enough good things about this class. I have learned so much more than I ever thought possible in such a short time. Loretta's is an incredible teacher. Her attention to detail and support of her students is beyond measure. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in exploring the sport of agility as well as anyone who wants to advance their current skill set. Christine Y.

Loretta is over the top fantastic!! My only regret, which I knew when I enrolled, is that because of travel plans, etc, I knew that I would not be able to keep up at gold level, so I enrolled at bronze, and - as expected, couldn't begin to keep up. But I'm back home now and plan to do as much as I can on my own, and to try for gold next time it is offered, or maybe enter my puppy in Ag 1 this summer and do 2 with my older dog in the fall. I would recommend ANY course that Loretta teaches! And I am totally addicted to Fenzi courses. More and more appealing classes are being offered such that it is a matter of how much can I take on at one session. Can't wait for May 22 to sign up for the next session!!

Loretta was absolutely amazing in both AG110 and AG120. We are doing things I never thought my dogs could do. But given the right information, they are flying through the sequences.

This class is amazing. I am doing things in the AG series in a matter of months that it would have taken me years to learn. The feedback at gold is play by play so that you can see exactly your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your corrective steps. The material is fantastic..both written and full speed and slo mo video. Loretta is fast to make supplemental materials even on topics not explicitly covered in the course. Loretta invests an unbelievable amount of time into her students. Thanks! Tanya M.

Loretta Mueller is incredibly responsive to students' performance and training concerns. Her curriculum has breadth and depth, yet lessons are presented in easy-to-understand steps. I can't say enough about her. Carol B

Just can't put into words how much Loretta puts into her classes!! The second-by-second analysis with exactly what is and what is not working, or why the dog responded one way versus another is absolutely invaluable!!! She brings SOO much enthusiasm to an online classroom! ~Briana F.