CC250: Conditioning and Concerns for the TriPod dog

Instructor: Debbie Gross

Course Details

From the moment I first fostered a three-legged dog, I quickly realized how special and how wonderful these dogs are.  While they're full of drive and determination, there needs to be a large concern for their overall health and condition.  This course will focus on the three-legged dog and their special fitness needs.  Whether they are void of a front leg or a back leg, most can go on to live a life just like any other dog.  And why shouldn’t they?  They don’t know they are missing a leg and just want to keep moving!  We can help them do that! j

All students will have the opportunity to learn and understand the special considerations involved with the Tripod.  Gold Students will have the opportunity to post about their dogs, follow a comprehensive strengthening program, and learn design their own program.  This class is not only applicable to those with a beloved Tripod, but also for those practitioners that work with Tripods. 


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Week 1

  •             Introduction to the Tripod Dog
  •             Why Do Dogs Lose Legs?
  •             Do They Need a Prosthetic?
  •             Beginning Exercises for Tripods

Week 2

  •             The Important of Balance and Proprioceptive Exercises
  •             Beginning with the Basic Exercises
  •             Additional Health Considerations of the Amputee

Week 3

  •             Forelimb Amputations and Considerations
  •             Exercises for the Forelimb Amputee

Week 4

  •             Hindlimb Amputations and Considerations
  •             Exercises for the Hindlimb Amputee

Week 5

  •             Activities and Exercise Programs for the Amputee
  •             Weight Management

Week 6

  •             Design A Program For the Tripod
  •             Looking at Those Other Joints and Considerations
  •             Considerations for Allowing the Tripod to Live the Best Quality of Life

Prerequisites and Equipment