CC120: K9 Conditioning 2

Instructor: Debbie Gross

Course Details

As a dog sport enthusiast, you know that keeping your dog fit is important to prevent injuries that could sideline or even end your dog's career. Unfortunately, understanding HOW to keep him fit is much more complicated.

This course will build on the basics of anatomy, function, and movement that were introduced in the K9 Conditioning 1 course, and then take conditioning, strengthening, and endurance exercises to a whole new level. Learn how to apply basic principles to everything from puppies to seniors, little dogs to the big guys, and special body types like long, long backs. Tips will be shared for developing stretching routines, warm up/cool down programs, and using special equipment like treadmills. The end result will be more sophisticated knowledge in keeping your dog fit and safe!

This level class will also introduce a program for YOU to work on your strength and balance with a simple exercise routine. We will begin with simple exericeses designed to help work your core and your strength.  These exercise principles are based on a 90 second exercise routine founded by Pete Cerque.  This will be a wonderful adjunct to your workout with your dog!


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Registration will begin at 9:00AM PDT.

Enrollment limits: Gold: 15 students, Silver: 25 students, Bronze: unlimited. If you are interested in bronze level, you can sign up any time during the registration period.

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Week 1

  • Brief review of the first session
  • Anatomical review of specific muscle regions pertinent to the functioning dog
  • Advanced balance exercises using the balance disc/FitBone/or a similar object
  • Strengthening for YOU to help YOU work with your dog!

Week 2

  • Where are my dog's butt muscles and what are they used for?
  • Where are the quads – and what are they used for?
  • Exercises for the hindlimb – targeting the butt and quad muscles

Week 3

  • Walk this way – why does my dog walk the way he does?
  • Description of the different gait patterns in dogs
  • Exercises to work on gait abdominal exercises
  • Check in on YOU and your strengthening activities

Week 4

  • Giant breeds and what we need to do for them
  • Does my dog have a long back – and what can I do for that?
  • Toy breeds and what we need to do for them

Week 5

  • Is my dog a structural mess? Or are they perfect?
  • Key muscles in the front legs
  • How to exercise and target the muscles in the front legs

Week 6

  • Putting it all together and making sense of exercise and my dog
  • How can I continue to stack the cards in my dog’s favor to decrease and help prevent injuries
  • My fitness plan for my dog
  • Dynamic core work
  • Check in on your strengthening activities for YOU and how far you have come!

Prerequisites and Equipment

K9 Conditioning 1 is recommended prior to this course, but not a must.  For a gold level spot in K9 Conditioning 2 it is recommended to have taken a K9 Conditioning class at any level. If you have any experience with canine conditioning, you will do fine with the class. You can do this at read only along with the K9 conditioning 2 class.   For a bronze level spot, there are no requirements; however, you might want to purchase the lecture-only portion of K9 Conditioning 1 from our Prerequisites Purchase Page for self-study.  This class is very benefical to anyone with a dog - and the goal is to live the longest quality of life for the longest time possible!  

It is recommended the participant have some basic core equipment.  There is a 10% discount offered through TotoFit, and you may email Deb for recommendations and for the code.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course Testimonials


Fantastic course! So happy I took it. I've seen very promising changes in my dysplastic dog. I love that the advice I got was tailored for her specific needs and limitations. I highly recommend this course.

After finishing both this class and Canine Conditioning 1, I feel that I have the "hands on" skills to keep my dogs in shape and the "observational" skills to understand when they might be having problems. I highly recommend both these classes to all dog owners.

The course definitely exceeded my expectations. I have taken other canine conditioning courses through the years, but this one provided greater depth in understanding canine anatomy, the use of various conditioning equipment/exercises, and how to make conditioning part of your everyday routine. Great course - the dogs just love their daily conditioning adventures.

This was a great course, I'm really happy with the amount if feedback I received and with how much Debbie was willing to customized her advice and suggestions for the individual dogs.           

I learned a lot just in the first few weeks. I would like to take the class if offered again. Debbie is very responsive. She adjusts her responses to the needs of each dog. I am very glad to have the lectures in my library. What a great resource to have in Debbie Gross and Wizard of Paws. Sandy H    

Canine Condition 1 and 2 were amazing! I learned a lot from both classes and was able to put together a solid exercise program for my dog. Would highly recommend to anyone who competes in dog sports.         

Debbie Gross always provided clear, knowledgeable and detailed comments/feedback to each student, and engaged in great discussions throughout the course. She also demonstrated a great sense of humor - which is always a plus!          

"Several people were floored when I told them he is turning 6 in April and still has this much energy! I can't thank you enough for that, Deb! Before CC110, I noticed that he started slowing down which would make me tear up every time. It felt like it was't fair, I just got him and he is like a child to me (I am yet to have human children :)). So, thank you! You gave me my puppy back and more! I am pretty sure he is in a better shape than when I adopted him."
Sanja Popovic


I want to say a very public "thank you" to Debbie Gross


Bandit is strong for the first time in his life. For those who don't know, he had panosteitis and was unable to walk without a limp for a good deal of his puppyhood. I have always felt that he didn't develop quite properly, especially in his front legs.


After just this session of Fitness 2, he is moving like a young Border Collie should. His gait is strong. He is jumping properly. His front legs don't look so much like pegs! He finally seems physically "right" for the first time ever.


For anyone considering her Conditioning and Fitness classes, TAKE THEM!! Invest in a bit of equipment. Do the basic core work. It makes SUCH a difference!! I honestly still don't understand why it has such an impact, but it really does!


Tessa and I did part 1 and she gained back all the strength and endurance she was losing in her Agility performances. And Bandit is doing Part 2, and is developing properly at last.


I seriously recommend these classes!!!  Kristine Hammer