AG110: Intro to Agility - Handling Basics

Instructor: Loretta Mueller

Course Details

Are you familiar with dog sports but new to agility?  Feel out of place in a beginner’s class but not sure where to learn the basics for this sport?  Been in agility for awhile but feel like your foundation skills are lacking?  If so, we have the class for you! 

This class will focus on foundation agility handling: the art of moving between the obstacles and around the course with safety and efficiency.  We’ll start with the assumption that you know NOTHING about agility but a good deal about dogs and dog training so you can move forward at the pace that best suits your needs.  In this class, you won’t be in over your head, but you won’t be bored either!  You won't need tons of equipment, either.  Using only three jumps, we’ll cover front crosses, rear crosses, blind crosses, serpentines, threadles, forward and lateral sends, lead out pushes, and so much more! 

This class is designed for all levels.  Agility newbies won't have any trouble following along, but more seasoned agility folks will be able to strengthen the foundation on their already-trained dog.  Loretta has worked with many well-known instructors, so she understands different handling methods and can make modifications based on your experiences. 

Check out this video of students from Loretta's last intro to agility class! 


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Registration will begin at 9:00AM PDT.

Enrollment limits: 12 gold, 25 silver, unlimited bronze. If you are interested in a bronze-level spot you can register any time during the registration period.

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Week 1: 


Value Building:

For jumps using shaping

Proper form

Calls to Heel and Side on the Flat


Handling cues (use and theory):




Week 2:

Start lines

Lining up

Sending to toys

Calls to Heel and Side over a jump


Week 3:

Focus Forward





Week 4:

Learning the Crosses:

Front Cross

Rear Cross

Blind Cross


Week 5: 

Backside sends




Week 6:

Advanced Moves: 



Pulls versus Push


Prerequisites and Equipment

Equipment needs:  Three jumps ideally.  One jump is the minimum. Loretta will make modifications to allow you to continue moving your skills forward with whatever you have! An area to work your dog with good footing (grass, matting, thick carpet) please no concrete or gravel.

Course Testimonials

A sampling of what prior students have said about this course ...

This class exceeded my expectations. I was taking a once a week in person class and got this at bronze level to supplement it. Not to put down the in person class, we got a lot out of it, but I feel I got even more out of this class. Loretta is so enthusiastic and encouraging while still helping everyone with the big picture down to the tiny details. I'm hooked and I'm just hoping I can grab a gold spot in her next class before it fills up! Lisa H.

The intro to agility class has been so much fun! I was worried at first because it said for agility newbies and I am an experienced handler with a new puppy. However the class exceeded my expectations! I learned so much and had a wonderful time training my pup. I cannot believe how far she has come and the handling moves she is doing with a ground pole. Thanks for another wonderful class! Aileen T

~1.5 years of training in person with one dog, 6 weeks online with this one--catching up fairly quickly! Video (even for bronze students who don't get it evaluated by the instructor) makes a huge difference! The precision of "pause it at 0:43 and look at your feet" totally overshadows the good old trial and error! ~Briana F.

This class was insane! Second by second detailed feedback, tons of emotional support, and my dog's skill level went from "knows nothing about agility" to "WOW!" A world class agility friend of mine reviewed my week five video and said she was stunned by how much we had learned. Awesome course, awesome instructor - just....awesome!
I can't say enough good things about this class. I have learned so much more than I ever thought possible in such a short time. Loretta's is an incredible teacher. Her attention to detail and support of her students is beyond measure. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in exploring the sport of agility as well as anyone who wants to advance their current skill set. Christine Y.           
This class is amazing. I am doing things in the AG series in a matter of months that it would have taken me years to learn. The feedback at gold is play by play so that you can see exactly your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your corrective steps. The material is fantastic..both written and full speed and slo mo video. Loretta is fast to make supplemental materials even on topics not explicitly covered in the course. Loretta invests an unbelievable amount of time into her students. Thanks! Tanya M.       
Just can't put into words how much Loretta puts into her classes!! The second-by-second analysis with exactly what is and what is not working, or why the dog responded one way versus another is absolutely invaluable!!! She brings SOO much enthusiasm to an online classroom! ~Briana F.            
Loretta Mueller is incredibly responsive to students' performance and training concerns. Her curriculum has breadth and depth, yet lessons are presented in easy-to-understand steps. I can't say enough about her. Carol B