FE298: Unleash Personal Potential

Instructor: Andrea Harrison

Course Details

This course is available for students who have already worked with Andrea. While students will be able to work on whatever issues in training and life they'd like weekly lectures will cover more mindfulness with particular attention to learning, gratitude, reflection, self care (and being impeccable), forgiveness and values  and applying these things to training routines and show day practices.  Like Infinite Possibilities this class will be up to each student's own design and kept small and limited. 


Next session starts: April 1, 2017
Registration starts: March 22, 2017
Registration ends: April 15, 2017


This course will change each time it runs as students are welcome to bring their own goals and agenda to class. We may spend a great deal of time on each lecture or students may each do entirely their own thing ... no matter - it will will Mindful and Meaningful and a positive experience for all. 

Week One - Values will be the topic of the lecture - identifying yours - finding connections to the things that matter to you 

Week Two  - Learning and learning mindfully will be the focus of the lecture for this week 

Week Three -  Practicing meaningful reflection - how to do it  and why it matters  will be the lecture focus  - you might like to think of it as enriching your record keeping 

Week Four - Checking in on self care  and reviewing the notion of being impeccable - EVEN TO YOURSELF is my intention - although knowing my classes/students I am quite sure this will have already come up multiple times for all of us!

Week Five - we'll look a little more deeply at gratitude  in our weekly lecture not only ours but the kind that gets directed at us - being graceful yet accepting


Week Six -  Let's delve into forgiveness   both from a practical and mindful point of view. We've all made mistakes ... and been wronged - how we move forwards is vitally important. 


Whatever your concern or your focus is  - we can work on it here - Please make sure you meet the  prerequisite. Any one of Infinite Possibilities, All in Your Head, No More Excuses, Handle This, Love the One You Are With, or the Joy of Teaching is enough at any level! 

Prerequisites and Equipment

Students MUST have taken one of Andrea's classes before. (currently that would include: Infinite Possibilities, All in Your Head, No More Excuses, Handle This, Love the One You Are With, or the Joy of Teaching )