Donna Hill

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donna-hillDonna Hill has had a life long love affair with dogs and a fascination with dog behavior. She has broad practical experience in the dog world: volunteering and working in kennels and shelters, dog sitting and walking, fostering rescue dogs, teaching behavior modification privately, and teaching reactive dog classes. She stays current in dog behavior and learning by regularly attending seminars by top trainers and researchers.

She is probably best known for her two Youtube channels (supernaturalbc2008 and supernaturalbc2009). She is also the group owner of the Facebook group Observation Skills for Training Dogs. She is active locally as co-founder and professional member of Vancouver Island Animal Training Association (VIATA) and the founder and instructor for Vancouver Island Assistance Dogs (VIAD).

With her own dogs and other pets, Donna loves to apply learning theory (R+) when teaching a wide variety of sports, games, tricks, and other activities such as cycling. She loves using shaping to get new behaviors. Her teaching skill is in keeping the big picture in mind while using creativity to define the small steps to get to help the learner succeed. She is a splitter!

Donna has competed in agility, flyball, and rally O. She uses a holistic approach when solving people problems with their dogs.

Join Donna in one of her classes and find out how much fun (and success) positive reinforcement training and learning observation skills can be for everyone!

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