AG280: Directionals 101

Instructor: Amanda Nelson

Course Details

This class will cover how Amanda teaches the foundations for her directional commands; Out, Here, Go, Switch, and Tight.   

Amanda teaches all of her directionals "on the ground" before applying them to equipment. This class will focus on the flatwork for these directionals. Amanda uses cones and barrels as part of her flatwork to teach a strong directional foundation. 

Over the course of the class Amanda will show how she teaches her directionals starting with cone work and then progressing to using jumps or hoops (or a combination of both)  Amanda teaches all of her directionals based with body language cues so students will also learn footwork skills and drills as well as different crosses and how to perform them with the directionals. 

This class will also cover the Base Crosses that Amanda uses with her handling system. We will be covering Rear Crosses, Front Crosses, Blind Crosses, Post Turns and Counter Rotations. 

Amanda will focus a lot of this class on proper timing of body language cues for directionals, proper footwork, and creating efficient turns and lines.