AG370: The Dark Side of the Jump

Instructor: Ashley Deacon

Course Details

Until recently “back of the jump” challenges appeared predominantly on international style courses. However, these types of challenges are becoming more common on domestic agility courses, especially at the highest levels in AKC and USDAA. Dogs and handlers need a variety of skills to handle these challenges smoothly and efficiently. This course will help you and your dog master back-of-the-jump challenges. The course will start from the ground up teaching your dog how to navigate the backside of the jump, prepare for take-off and turn efficiently. We will build independence so that you can send your dog to the backside of the jump - allowing your to handle downstream course elements optimally. Finally we will practice a set of back-of-the-jump handling skills that will expand your agility toolkit. We will focus on clear body language so that you and your dog can communicate well and so that your dog will respond quickly to your cues.