FF830: Backyard Fitness for You and Your Dog

Instructor: Karen Kay

Course Details


Most humans hate to work out at the gym.  But we love to play with our dogs.  Now you can spend that same amount of time playing with your dog in a way that is super productive for both of you!

Improve your bond, your relationship, and your personal fitness along with all that fun!  This class will center on the human but always include your dog.  You can work out with your best friend!

This class is all about backyard fitness.  You can use what you've got.  Hills, rocks, benches, fences, trees, trash cans, and cars, just for example.  If you have fitness equipment for humans and dogs, we can use that too, but only a few items are necessary.

You will need a yoga ball and a wobble board for your dog's exercises, and you will be able to use those, too.  For yourself you will need a fitness band or tubing.  Everything else we can find in the environment or in your garage or cabinet.

Field trips are an option later in the class if you'd like to take your exercises on the road.  This class is a fun way to learn backyard exercises with the proper biomechanics to improve your strength, balance and fitness for all of your dog sports and activities.  Come and play!