OB110: TEAM Sports Foundation: Level 1 and 2

Instructor: Laura Waudby

Course Details

This class is all about foundations! Start a new dog on the right foot or discover missing pieces in your training. This class is designed to cover all the exercises in TEAM levels 1 & 2. The TEAM program lays out the building blocks for developing very solid behaviors that the dog can perform in a variety of unique presentations!

The 10 skill areas assessed in TEAM include: Engagement and Focus, Heeling, Recalls, Fronts & Finishes, Distance work, Targeting, Jumping, Retrieving, Scent Work, and Impulse Control. The individual pieces of exercises are broken down for you in manageable steps! Introducing all the core areas from the start makes sure that obedience remains fun for both the dog and the handler!

This is an introductory course and makes no assumptions about your dog's prior knowledge.  If you already have a solid start on most of the TEAM behaviors and you want to focus on fluency, cue discrimination and other advanced concepts, then consider taking Deb Jones's "Like Clockwork - Advanced Obility" class.

This class can help you prepare to title by video in TEAM or simply give you an excellent set of foundation skills for any dog sport or competition venue such as AKC or FCI obedience, freestyle, etc.

For more information on the TEAM titling program, please visit www.fenziteamtitles.com