OB350: Like Clockwork - Advanced Obility

Instructor: Deborah Jones  and Judy Keller

Course Details

Like Clockwork - Advanced Obility      


Are you one of those trainers who starts teaching a bunch of things but doesn't actually see them through to the end of the training process?  Welcome to my world!  It's always fun to start on new things, but sometimes trainers get stuck and don't know how to get the finished product.  


In this class we will address all the steps to move forward in the order that they need to happen AFTER you get the initial behavior.  We'll work on getting to the point where behaviors are fluent, on cue, hold up when distance & distraction are added, and then can be combined into chains.  


Clockwork training is the new big thing at FDSA!!!!  It is a really fun way to develop and sharpen your training skills, and will be extremely helpful as you work towards earning the upcoming TEAM titles or for developing fluency in any obedience program.  It’s really an extension of Obility work and involves skills such as fly, sendaways, and targeting, among others.  


Clockwork is FUN!  You and your dog engage in a training exercise that flows easily from one skill to the next.  


Our goal in this class is to help your dog develop a strong and solid execution of these key skills.  We will focus on clean precise training with enthusiasm and energy.  For each skill we will build fluency, attach cues, introduce discriminations, add distance, and develop chains.  


Students will progress at their own pace through the stages of training (fluency, cues, discriminations, distance, and chains) for each skill.  Your individual progress will depend, in part, on your dog’s level of fluency with the skills at the beginning of the course.  We will customize our approach as appropriate for each Gold team.  


If you are interested in the TEAM training program and you are starting with relatively few or no skills for TEAM1 or TEAM2, then consider Laura Waudby's TEAM Sports Foundation course.  That course will focus more on specific skillbuilding.  


If you have many of the skills for TEAM 1 and or 2, but mostly want to develop your fluency, cue discrimination, and other advanced skills, then this is the class for you.


For more information on the TEAM titling program, please visit the website at:  www.fenziteamtitles.com


Here's an example of Helo working on verbal cues, discriminations, and a couple small chains: