FF350: Body Awareness through Targeting

Instructor: Donna Hill

Course Details

Most dogs go through life without ever having to learn that they have a back end; it just sort of follows along behind the front end. They also rarely need to learn that they can move other parts of their body independently. But when dogs compete in dog sports, knowing precisely where every part of their body is critical for precision, speed, alignment as well as safety.

This course will help you teach your dog body awareness through targeting. Starting with nose and front paw targeting, we also learn rear paw, and back end awareness that is key for precise behaviors in agility, formal obedience, rally, treibball, freestyle and other dog sports. Many of the behaviors can easily be turned into tricks unto themselves. In the process of teaching these behaviors, you will also learn which side your dog prefers to lead out on and if your dog has any muscle tightness or stiffness that is preventing him from being a well-balanced athlete.

Ideal for:

  • dogs that are klutzy or have no awareness of their size or strength
  • dogs that crowd their humans or won't move out of their space
  • dogs that lack self-control
  • dogs that lack precision for placement on or near equipment or near their handler
  • dogs that are fearful of being in another's personal space or having a human in their personal space
  • dogs that have a medical condition that prevents repetitive jumping but need to build muscle (such as mild to moderate hip dysplasia, arthritis etc)
  • dogs that are going to compete at a high level

This class is heavy with theory and many videos showing the process. 

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