NW360: The Equilibrium -- Arousal and Drive

Instructor: Stacy Barnett

Course Details

Once your dog has developed Confidence and Motivation, our focus shifts to Arousal and Drive.  Arousal is an interesting animal...  too little arousal and your dog's search will lack luster and be slow without focus.  Too much arousal and your dog will be frantic and lack focus.  The result of both imbalances in arousal is missed hides and false alerts.

When arousal is at its optimum state, the dog's natural drive is able to kick in.  The result is a focused and expedient search.  This is the balance and the equilibrium that we desire for truly excellent searches.

Do we rev the dog up?  Do we calm the dog?  What are our routines to get the dog into the right state of mind.  What do we do when things go wrong?  How does this change as the dog matures into the sport?

Optimum arousal levels occur with practice.  Once we can establish the right level of arousal we can turn our focus to drive building.

This class will initially focus on developing the right arousal levels of the working teams...  and then will shift to drive building.  This class is suitable for both "low drive dogs" as well as "high drive dogs" and is intended to give the teams a special competitive edge that goes beyond skill building.  Learn how to optimize your dog's performance by managing both his mental and physical state.

Dogs of all levels of competition will benefit from this class!