AG360: Turn and burn-360 degrees of jumping skills

Instructor: Ashley Deacon

Course Details

This class will teach your dog to turn tightly and efficiently over a jump. Shaping (in the operant-conditioning sense) will be used to systematically teach your dog how to set themselves up properly for efficient turns.  

A series of simple drills will be used to proof that they consistently recognize the correct direction to turn. These drills will also improve your timing and give you confidence that your dog has committed to the turn, allowing you to get ahead on course. Attention will be given to teaching efficient wraps/post-turns and serpentines. 

The drills covered are useful both as foundation exercises for a young dog and also to improve the jumping ability of a dog that is already competing. Only jumps and tunnels will be used. Jump heights will be tailored to the age and ability of the dog and will adjusted over the duration of the class.