CC130: Canine Conditioning - Sports Applications And Beyond.

Instructor: Debbie Gross

Course Details

This six week class will go into more specifics on conditioning for specific situations.  Sports specific applications will be discussed, in addition to geriatric and older dog situations.  Ideally, we want all of our dogs to excel in their life and life the best quality of life for the longest time possible.  This spans the younger days of a puppy, through training and competition, to retirement. 

Specific lessons will focus on specific sports related exercises popular in the canine world and for the active dogs at home.  In addition, a segment will be directed at older dogs finishing up their activities and improving their quality of life.  A senior dog should not be in pain, inactive, or ignored.  Every dog deserves to live the best quality of life for the longest time possible. 

Dynamic movements, plyometrics, specific strengthening exercises, and safety will be covered in the six weeks.  Gold participants will have the opportunity to submit homework each week, and receive feedback on a regular basis.  Silver participants will be able to participate and ask questions about the material, their own situations, and learn from the feedback and participation of the active Gold videos.  And Bronze participants will be able to learn not only from the lectures but also from the individual teams in Gold.  

This class is not an informercial for any brand of equipment.  As in human fitness, there are many variations in canine fitness styles.