DS530: Gun Dog Foundations 2 – Upland Training

Instructor: Cassia Turcotte

Course Details

This class is designed for the upland hunting dog –hunt test competitor, upland hunting dog, or versatile hunting companion.  While we will focus on pointers and spaniel tests, this course will apply to retrievers working to build a foundation for HRC or NAHRA upland tests as well. 

We will build on Gun Dog Foundations to give you the skill sets you will need to progress to the next level and beyond.  The focus will be on proper mechanical skills of both dog and handler to develop independent proficiency using a concept based approach.

These skills sets are broken into six specific context areas complete with progressions, fun training drills, and games.  Each concept can be progressed and generalized at different rates based on the specific focus points of each team. This class is a perfect fit for those who want to do any level of upland hunt test work or take do upland hunting in the real world.