AG800: Agility Handler Skills, Drills and Exercises to Improve Your Running Mechanics and Prevent Injuries

Instructor: Karen Kay

Course Details

Do you have trouble keeping up with your dog on the agility course?


Do you need to improve your running mechanics to prevent or recover from an injury?


Do you just want to be faster to improve your performance?

This course is designed to help the agility and dog sports handler at any age and/or ability level to improve their running mechanics and prevent injuries.  We can all learn to move more efficiently and to correct movement pattern problems.  The skills and exercises included in this course will address basic deficiencies in mobility and stability that cause limitations and asymmetries in one or more of your basic movement patterns.

I will address the importance of soft tissue mobility techniques, proper dynamic and static flexibility exercises, deceleration techniques for running the agility course, how to improve your linear speed while creating the proper line for your dog, how to improve your foot speed and ability to change direction on the course, and, finally, provide you with some basic strengthening exercises to increase your overall speed.

You don’t need fancy gym equipment to improve your movement efficiency.  Improving your running mechanics can be done right in your own living room at home.  This course is all about self-improvement.  Anybody at any age or ability level can improve their movement efficiency to both prevent injuries and to improve their performance!