AG260: Born to Run - Running Contacts

Instructor: Jen Pinder

Course Details

Running contacts seems to be everywhere these days. Whether a dog runs her a-frame or dogwalk, you see it every weekend. Everyone wants them, but teaching them and maintaining them can be challenging.

This course is designed to teach or retrain a dog to run both the dogwalk and aframe. By the end of the class we will have your dog running a full height dog walk or aframe and performing basic handling off of it. We will do this by breaking down the behavior of “just running” into several different foundation skills. Teaching running contacts is more than just doing repetition. Its a process of teaching several parts of the behavior and then putting it together. Just as in teaching other complex behavior chains, it is important to communicate to the dog what behaviors are expected and in which order. This way we have clear expectations for both handlers and dogs. All handlers must understand the basics of clicker training or verbally marking a behavior.

For this class you will need access to an adjustable dog walk and aframe. For the early phases of this class, however, all you will need is: a training space 50’ in length, some carpet runners or yoga mats, toys, and food. Training aids such as a manners minder is helpful but not required.