RA210: Rally Skillbuilding 1

Posted in School of Rally

Instructor: Sue Ailsby

Course Details

Let's get ready to rally! This class is an introduction for people and dogs new to rally. You'll be learning the basic skills your dog needs to compete at the entry level of rally in a variety of venues, including AKC, CKC, WCRL, C-Wags, CARO, and more! We'll cover heeling variations, circles and turns, positions and walk arounds, fronts and finishes, and an amazing sidestep. You'll develop smooth, accurate, and cheerful teamwork for the rally ring. We want to send you and your dog into the rally ring with enthusiasm and confidence.

Keeping in the spirit of rally, we won't be working towards perfection - there are plenty of other FDSA classes for that - but we won't develop any bad habits that'll hold you back in other sports, either. What we will do is develop competence and enthusiasm while having a whole lot of fun!