FE340: Beyond the Basics: Shaping Advanced Skills

Instructor: Deborah JonesJudy Keller

Course Details

Note: Week one class lectures will be released on June 1st but your instructor will not join the classroom until Monday, June 4 due to participation in the FDSA Training Camp. This class will be extended to July 15th to allow for this delay.

We hear it all the time!  "Shaping is hard!"  "Shaping is boring!"  "I don't have the patience for shaping!"  "My dog doesn't like shaping!"  We totally disagree!  Shaping is the MOST FUN ever!  The problems we see are typically errors of execution and faulty mechanics.  Little things make a huge difference in terms of your success with shaping.  Let us help!  If you have tried shaping and dismissed it as too difficult or simply ineffective, let us change your mind!

 Our goal with this course is to help you take YOUR shaping skills to the next level!  

If you have a basic understanding of how to shape simple behaviors and you'd like to make shaping more useful in your training, then this course is for you.  Learn how to add effective shaping to your training repertoire! 

We will work on your mechanical skills as well as shaping speed, enthusiasm, precision, and accuracy into your dog's behaviors. 

We want to help you see the places in your training where shaping would be an advantage and then help you apply it properly.  While people often use shaping for tricks, they rarely take advantage of it for their performance and sport training. 

This is a GREAT class if you're short on time, have a small training space, or can't get out due to bad weather! 

While we will ask you to choose one main shaping subject you can also feel free to work with additional animals during this session.  Working with a variety of animals can really sharpen your training skills.  Any species is fine.