AG160: Puppy Genius

Instructor: Julie Daniels

Course Details

PUPPY GENIUS, by Julie Daniels


Raising an agility performance puppy, or any working puppy, is the lucky job we get to enjoy only once in a while! The time goes so quickly, and when the time is up the opportunity to play the baby games with the clean slate is gone!

The Gold spots in this class will be open to puppies under one year of age by April 1. Bronze spots can benefit any dog!

Take this class if you have a baby or if you think you might get a baby this year. Give this class as a gift to your friend who is getting a baby. Take this class to get new games to play with your older dog or your fearful dog or your rescue, any dog who can benefit from baby steps. We will be playing games and building concepts related to agility, but of course that includes many general games for Confidence and Empowerment and Curiosity and the expectation of FUN!

This class will help your dog meet challenges with an open mind and a brain that wants to engage. When your dog of any age learns to expect that new things will be FUN, you have a brilliant head start on any sport you want to play and any problem you want to solve. You will create a problem-solver who not only expects to win but also expects to enjoy himself.

We will be teaching many things that all dogs need, like mat work, and interactive play, cueing arousal states, and impulse control, and putting your own collar on, recalls and sit and down, etc. And we will also teach positions and skills that benefit all agility dogs and family dogs, like parallel path, steering, listening in motion, tight turns, coordination, pick-up cues, acceleration, catch me, sendaways, balance, and obstacle skills. We'll use homemade obstacles from items around the yard. It will not be necessary to own regulation equipment! Creativity is the best way to generalize concepts, and we will be VERY creative!

If you want a class which will help you enjoy your puppy immensely as you make him smart, resourceful, and engaged with you, then this is your class!