CC270: Shoulder and Elbow Rehab

Instructor: Debbie Gross

Course Details

This comprehensive class will go through specifics needed for preventing problems with the forelimb, specifically the shoulder and elbow. The forelimb of the dog holds 60 to 70% of the dogs' weight in a stance, so this area needs to be as strong as possible!  In the class, we will cover issues and injuries and what to do with shoulder and the following elbow problems:

1) straight shoulders

2) medial shoulder instability

3) bicipital tenosynovitis

4) elbow dysplasia

5) soft tissue injuries

6) out at the elbows  

This course is a must for anyone with a dog with forelimb problems or potential problems.  Whether your dog is active in sports or is retired, this class is for you and your dog! We will take a hands on approach and you will be performing exercises, stretching and strengthening each week with your dog.