OB500: Problem Solving

Instructors: Denise Fenzi and Nancy Gagliardi Little

Even the most carefully crafted training program can run into difficulties - each dog and trainer are individuals and sometimes it takes a whole new approach to solve a challenge.

If you've gotten "stuck" on the teaching of an exercise and you feel you need some very specific help to work through it, then this is the class for you.  Here is where we'll target exactly your problem.  Rather than having a course syllabus, the class will revolve around the working participants and what they need to master their challenge areas.  As a result, each class will have entirely different problems and approaches to those problems, depending on what problems the participants choose to work through.

This class is not appropriate for motivation or ring specific problems - we offer other classes on ring ready and drive building/play that are designed to target those areas specifically. This class is to address any exercises that you and your dog aren't quite sure how to progress on.  Examples include:  stays, scent articles and gloves, directed jumping, slow retrieves, crooked sits, etc!


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Gold Level Limit: 12 

Silver Level Limit: 25

Bronze Level Limit: unlimited 

For details on each level (Gold, Silver, Bronze), please see the FAQ page.