OB560: Send Away and Retrieve For Any Dog Sports

Instructor: Kamal Fernandez

Course Details

Whilst many of the exercises within competition obedience differ from country to country, there are two universal exercises: send aways/go outs and retrieve. Having them fast, accurate, and reliable is vital to doing well in the competition ring.

This course will give weekly lessons on both exercises - and only these exercises - for the duration of the course. The methods presented have been used successfully in UK, AKC, IPO, Australian, FCI and NZKC rules. Previous students have attained wins in IPO at National Level and a place on the GB Team, Australian Obedience Champion title, and AKC titles, to name but a few.

In this course, send away and retrieve will be broken down into short, bite-size pieces and each layer built up systematically.  

The course will cover:

  • Identifying the best approach to each exercise for the specific type of dog
  • Breaking it down into separate parts, teaching each bit in 5 minute sessions.
  • Targeting behaviours for send aways vs fading lures
  • Getting ring ready, fading your aids.
  • Send away to nothing
  • Retrieve over hurdles
  • Directed retrieve
  • Problem solving

Gold participants are welcome with young dogs, but please be advised that this course is not suited to dogs under 6 months of age.