OB220: Obedience Skillbuilding 2

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Instructor: Hannah Branigan

Course Details

This class builds on the skills, concepts, and behaviors taught in Skillbuilding 1 (OB210).

In this class we will cover:

  • Intermediate Retrieve - Pick up, Turn and Carry (including some early proofing)
  • Drop on Recall - Incorporating movement and distance to the Down
  • Moving Stand - Incorporating movement and distance to the Stand
  • Stand for Exam - Duration, Proofing, and Introducing being touched
  • Intermediate Scent Discrimination Games - Building Drive and Focus
  • Beginning Broad Jump - Jumping over the Broad Jump (instead of walking through), Moving past the handler and clearing the jump before turning to come front
  • Teaching Directional Signals for the Directed Retrieve and Directed Jumping
  • Refining Fronts and Finishes - Increasing precision, adding distance and difficulty
  • Stays

We will also begin introducing simple behavior chains as we work towards building these skills and behaviors into finished exercises. 

In this class, you will be provided with instructions for getting started on all of the exercises from the beginning, instead of in weekly installments. You can choose to work on all of the skills, or pick which ones you are most interested in. This class can be repeated as many times as necessary until you feel that you have mastered the skills to your satisfaction.

This class focuses on specific skills, so we recommend taking this class along with the "Drives and Control".

Here's a trailer for this class!: