OB550: Hannah's Heeling and Competition Extravaganza

Instructor: Hannah Branigan

Course Details

How do you turn your foundation heeling behaviors into a formal heeling pattern? What cues and footwork do you need for a polished performance?

In this class, we will focus on formalizing the components of a heeling pattern:

  • Starts
  • Halts
  • Left turns
  • Right turns
  • About turns
  • Change of pace

Using the foundation skills you already have, we will build ring-ready performance one component at a time. We will focus on correct, full-point performance from the dog, as well as cues and footwork from the handler. First breaking the pattern down, and then putting it together. 

We will deconstruct the Figure 8 and explore the skills needed from dog and handler, and also making handling choices for your individual dog.

We will be looking at the three layers of stimulus control that are in effect in the ring: the judges commands, the handler's cues, and the dog's response. 

In addition, we will build your confidence in the ring by teaching you what to expect from the judge, and practice your responses until your own behavior is fluent and ring-ready.