FF360: Body Awareness for Precision Competition Behaviors

Instructor: Donna Hill

Course Details

Think you are seeing double? This class is an extension of FF350. This time we are focusing on chin, muzzle, shoulder, hip, & chest targets and fine tuning placement, motion and balance. Specific placement helps the dog develop knowledge of where their body is in space, in relation to you and the equipment so they learn where they can place each body part precisely. Teaching pressure helps the dog learn how to use her physical space appropriately.

Techniques Applied:
We'll be using shaping and successive approximation (changing the environment) to get more precise behaviors. Part of the process also involves teaching muscle tension.
Concepts we will cover include targeting, adding duration, teaching a dog to stay close to you (proximity), pushing, facial awareness and fine tuning balance.

You will improve your observation skills and your timing for specific micro behaviors.

Who Is This Class For:
This class is ideal for agility dogs, parkour, disc dog, freestyle, tricks and service dogs who need to know where they are in space. Also great for dogs that are hesitant about being handled or sharing their personal space or who have little awareness of their body (clumsy or pushy).

Recommended for dogs over 6 months of age and is appropriate for aging dogs! It is also for people who want to improve their shaping and successive approximation skills.

These behaviors are great fun to teach and do not need much space!

The class is a combination of lecture, over 70 videos and hands-on practice. Check out the sample lecture and get started before class!